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Hybrid Repair

The techicians at Ryan Imported Car Repair are familiar with the unique system features on today's hybrid. Some common issues we see are:

  • Battery Failure • Weak batteries inherent in hybrid vehicles means that you’re a lot more likely to require a new battery a lot sooner than you would in a standard car. We're familiar with this issue and say with cetainty you will pay a lot less to have it replaced at Ryan Imported Car Repair than at the dealer.

  • Oxygen Sensors • Oxygen sensors track how much unburned oxygen there is in the vehicles exhaust, an issue that can have a significant impact on the gas mileage that you get. According to some studies, failing to replace an oxygen sensor can increase your gas consumption by as much as $700 per year.

  • Catalytic Converter • Replacements are also common repair issues in hybrid vehicles

  • Emission System issues • Leaks in the hybrid’s evaporative emissions system or all-out failure of the system also rank among the most frequent repair issues.