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Subaru Repair

A Pioneer Valley favorite, we service all makes and models of Subarus.

There are a number of issues that can affect the life of your Subaru that Ryan Imported Car Repair is familiar with.

  • Head Gaskets • Head gasket leaks can be a problematic issue for certain Subaru years and models. The head gaskets contain both engine oil and coolant passages and if they fail can allow leaks of either fluid either inside or outside of the engine. Common symptoms include low coolant and oil levels, overheating, and sometimes a burning smell caused by these fluids dripping down on the hot exhaust.

  • A/C System O-Rings • One common complaint during the hot days of summer is the air conditioning blows warm. With Subarus, the most common cause we see is worn out o-rings that seal the A/C system. Once a leak is identified and fixed the system can be recharged with refrigerant allowing the air conditioning to function properly again.

  • C/V Axle DOJ Boots • The C/V axle connects the transmission to the wheels. Each axle has two joints, an inner and outer, which are lubricated with thick grease contained by rubber boots. The inner joint boot, a.k.a. DOJ for Double Offset Joint, sits in close proximity to the exhaust pipes causing them to be more vulnerable to eventually splitting open and leaking grease onto the exhaust as the axle spins.

  • Front Suspension Bushings • Lower Control Arm Bushings, Sway Bar Bushings. The lower control arm bushings and sway bar bushings are common rubber suspension components that wear.

  • Oil Leaks- O-Rings, Vanous Valves and Pressure Switches • On most models a single o-ring sits above the oil filter and, if leaking, can be replaced in about the time it takes to do an oil change. This is an easy repair that if unaddressed (along with low engine oil levels) can have a catastrophic result.