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Volkswagen Repair

Still a customer favorite, we take great care and pride in restoring and rebuilding classic Volkswagens along side maintaining the newer models. This little beauty spent the last 10 years in a Northampton barn. The customer asked if it could be restored… but the first problem was how to get it out of the old barn!

Our team at Ryan Imported Car Repair evaluated the car from tank to tires, top to bottom. In addition to the standard maintenance items like oil and filter changes, it needed a new battery, brakes, fuel pump, gas tank, and tires. Now it runs again like the dream it was in 1969!

There are a number of issues typical of VW's that we are very familiar with at Ryan Imported Car Repair:

  • Check Engine Light… This is a fairly recent problem that happens at low mileage for 2013 Jetta hybrid models. The culprit is potentially a wrong sensor or a software problem. Check engine lights on later model cars can be anywhere from innocuous to serious, but it is always better to have it checked out by a repair shop.

  • Oil Sludge… In early 2000 model Passats, a troubling problem with engine failure from oil sludge has built up. The problems start up between 70,000 and 90,000 miles. Other than an inherent problem with the car, oil sludge can typically be prevented by following all manufacturer guidelines on oil changes and the type of oil used. Arrange for regular oil changes with a repair shop.

  • Wiring Harness Shorts are an issue in 2006 Jetta’s. The problem occurs well after 100,000 miles. Electrical problems should always be checked out by a qualified repair shop.

  • Airbag Malfunction Light… The same 2006 Jetta has an issue with the airbag malfunction light staying on. This problem starts up near 100,000 miles and has an. If this light comes on, you should take it to a repair shop to get the airbag checked out to make sure it is functioning correctly. Keep in mind if you’re stopped with this light on, it cost you a couple dollars from a friendly officer. If the light is the problem, an experienced shop like Desert Oasis Auto Repair can repair that issue.

  • Coil Failure… The 2004 Passat has an issue with coil failure. This problem appears around 75,000 miles. A qualified repair shop usually keeps these coils on hand as it is a fairly common issue.